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課程安排 - salsa class schedule

Salsa 上课地点 (Class Location)




Salsa 初级班+中级班19:00 – 19:45
深圳市朗朝文化传播有限公司 - 福田区彩田路与深南路交汇处; 大中华国际金融中心C座1403室 (Hilton Hotel 旁)
(崗厦北地鐡站A出口向南方走2分鐘) 或 (崗厦地鐡站A出口向北方走7分鐘) 
Salsa 初级班+中级班19:00 – 19:45
黄埔雅苑 (会所3楼 – 第一間多功能室); 深圳市福田区福中路317号3楼 蛇口线/龙岗线-福田地铁站31出口 (出来后朝北方向走5分钟就到)






Salsa Beginner+Intermediate Class 19:00 – 19:45
ShenZhen Lang Dynasty Co Ltd. - 1403, 14/F, Block C; Greater China International Finance Centre, Interchange point of Cai Tian Road and Shennan Ave; Futian District (next to Hilton Hotel)
(Metro 1. GangXia Exit A then 7 min walk north or Metro: 2. GangXia North Exit A then 2 min walk south)
Salsa Beginner+Intermediate Class 19:00 – 19:45
Huang Pu Ya Yuan Club House (3/F, 1st function room),  317 Fu Zhong Road, Futian (metro: Futian station Exit 31 – Shekou / Longgang Line) *Exit 31 then 5 minutes’ walk on North direction




第一次试课先缴交100元; 試课后, 要是你选择继续学跳salsa 舞的话, 費用是:

初级班 + 中级班: 1500元, 3个月有效期, 在3个月限期内每周二 + 每周六无限制参加salsa课


Salsa Class Tuition Fee

First time trial Class: RMB 100
Beginner + Intermediated Classes: RMB 1500, 3 months validity; unlimited attendance of salsa beginner + intermediated classes every Tuesday + Saturday within 3 months

  • 学员第一次来参加salsa 课程, 不需要特别的装着; 便服和普通鞋子就行。
  • 男生和女生在salsa课堂里的比例是1:1, 学员们上课时会轮流换舞伴。
  • 新学员们不需要带固定的舞伴, 欢迎单独来报名salsa课。
  • 请不要用健身房旁更衣室的设备; 在健身房后面的酒吧有厕所是供salsa学员使用。
  • Smart and casual wear will be fine for the first time salsa class attenders.
  • 1:1 ratio of guys and ladies number in salsa class is expected. Students will be taken turn to dance with each other.
  • New students register for salsa class alone will be welcomed. There is no need to find a couple before registration.
  • Please be advised not to use the facilities in the changing room next to the Gym. Toilets next to the bar, located at the back of the gym are provided for all salsa students.